Junior Duathlon

The 2017 Junior Duathlon

SYTri (Shrewsbury Triathlon) Welcomes you to the staging of its ‘Junior Duathlon’, which is taking place on Sunday 1st October 2017. It has been adapted to your needs and we will be hoping to have improved on last years event by moving the date and location.
SYTri (Shrewsbury Triathlon Club) stage the event which provides a totally traffic free environment for all athlete’s by stageing it at the Shrewsbury Sports Village, using the purpose built 1K Cycle Track.

Event Details and Schedule

Approximate Race Distances: (Age as on 31st December 2017)

Age Group                1st Run   Bike   2nd Run
TriStart (8yrs)……….    400m     1km    200m
TriStar 1 (9/10yrs)…… 1.2km    2km    400m
TriStar 2 (11/12yrs)…. 1.6km    4km    600m
TriStar 3 (13/14yrs)…… 2km     6km    800m

This junior event takes place at the Shrewsbury Sports Village so is traffic free yet where there is ample parking on site. The bike discipline is on the 1k tarmac bike track with the run sessions around the sports fields

Please note that there is an admin fee charged by the online entry company added to the £14.00 entry fee of which we pay 50% of. We would like to point out that this event is put on solely by the members of SYtri (Shrewsbury Triathlon Club) and any monies made go totally to the continuing and future development of the club. No individual makes any money out of our events!