Sarah and Tracey’s adventure down South……….

S&T01Here is what coaches Sarah Exon and Tracey Hayward had to say about the 3.8K River Arun Swim

Sarah sold this event as a holiday on the South Coast, with sunshine and ice-cream…..reality, freezing wind, grey cloud and £6 parking (being from the North/Midlands, we were not used to Southern prices!).

Thankfully during the safety briefing the weather gods let us glimpse a small patch of blue sky and a break in the cloud revealed the sun – the placebo effect now on board meant we even believed that the river was 15 degrees (understand that is the standard temperature for a river, ask Sam!).

So the water is a beautiful light aqua colour, going with the tide so fast flowing, sadly to Sarah’s peril from leaky goggles the fact that the water was salty soon led toS&T02 stinging eyes.

Phonetic mix of arms, legs, bodies, swim caps follows the blast from the klaxon, but apart from people bashing the swim was glorious, so fast as they started us off a bit late so it was almost at full flow – we will however take the times we achieved as a damn find result, both sub 1 hour for an Ironman swim distance:

Sarah 52:30 Tracey 55:40

S&T03A well organised event and would recommend it, especially if training for a sea swim, that salty taste is just odd……….plus for those with hair, it really wrecks havoc with the locks and don’t get us started on our taste pallets post swim.

We had a great time, even managed to get changed in what turned out to be a very popular car park with holiday makers without being arrested and dragging SYTRI’s name into the mud!

Good Times!

S & T

River Arun S & T still in holiday mode