Matt Armitage

Level 2 BTF Triathlon Coach

After a life threatening motorcycle accident in 2009 and then spending the next 12 months unable to walk, I gradually worked my way back to reasonable health. I got into cycling and for a while worked at Dave Mellors where i trained to become a specialised bike fitter. I was interested in triathlon but never thought i would be able to run again. As i got stronger over the next few years I started to do little runs of just a few yards, and over the next few months built that up to a few kilometres.
I joined SYtri and was immediately impressed with the encouragement and friendliness of everyone i met. I have since completed quite a few sprint and Olympic distance triathlons and an Ironman 70.3 in May 2017.
I have become a coach because of the support the club gave to me and my wish to pass that on. I think my history gives me an insight into different peoples fitness journeys. We are not all destined to be super fast, but we can all improve ourselves and have fun in the process.


British Triathlon Federation – Level 2 Coach