The 2015 Club Relay – Results

Thanks to everyone who took part in the first annual club relays making it a huge success. Congratulations to Team 15 (Sophie Whittingham, Phil Holden & Helen Pritchard) who completed the session in a overall time of 1:27.41.

TEAM 01: 1:34.10 (Gary Simpson, Helen Hale, Sarah Clues)

TEAM 02: 1:42.15 (Alan Chelton, Marilyn Hunt, Jack Thorpe)

TEAM 03: 1:28:16 (Sharon Ruff, Dan Elliot, Mike Doyle)

TEAM 04: 1:33.22 (Gareth Robinson, Clare Cotterill, Sam Jones)

TEAM 05: 1:35.17 (Louise Woodvine, Adam Kitson, Tom Harper)

TEAM 06: 1:39.19 (Kathy Jones, Jo Pike, Dan Urquhart)

TEAM 07: 1:43.16 (Wendy Coleman, Mark Griffiths, Jess Pugh)

TEAM 08: 1:41.35 (Emma Spandrzyk, Claire Pugh, Alan Haywood)

TEAM 09: 1:46.24 (Kate Edge, David Morgan, Andy Moffatt)

TEAM 10: 1:37.54 (Andy Wales, Sam Churms, Stephen Peck)

TEAM 11: 1:37.41 (Tina Peck, Ben Speck, Eve Lucas)

TEAM 12: 1:35.58 (Maria Spurling, Steve Doster, Hannah Lucus)

TEAM 13: 1:35.54 (Matt Armitage, Melisa Pugh, Phil Perry)

TEAM 14: 1:46.37 (Lesley Fuchs, Tim Owen, Emma Humphries)

TEAM 15: 1:27.41 (Sophie Whittingham, Phil Holden, Helen Pritchard)